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Latest Updates

Performance Issues Adding/Editing Scores

Some users may have experienced significant performance issues when adding or editing  scores.  They may also have seen a 524 error page.  This problem has been resolved and these users should now ... (Posted 08/07/2020)  Read Full Article

Updates to Club Record Handling

Golden Records Online will now handle club records separately between Club Records (scores shot within the club only) and Open Records (scores shot in open competition).  Records Officers can now o... (Posted 06/07/2020)  Read Full Article

Updated Scoresheet Entry

Up to 4 documents can now be submitted with a score including PDF.

(Posted 09/02/2020)  

Submission Errors

A number of problems preventing score submission in certain circumstances have been resolved.  These mainly relate to submitting scoresheets.

(Posted 20/10/2019)  

New Multiple Score Submission

It is now possible to add up to 10 scores at the same time.  Look for the multiple scores button on the score submission form.  If adding many scores there is an import page available. In... (Posted 15/08/2019)  Read Full Article

New Features

Users can now upload photos of their scoresheet when adding scores.  Clubs can opt to require scoresheets to be added, in which case adding a scoresheet for club members becomes mandatory.  This re... (Posted 27/05/2019)  Read Full Article

Report Formats

The format of reports in Golden Records Online has been changed, and the styles are now editable to change font, size, colour, and style for each element.

(Posted 18/05/2019)  

New Admin/Records Pages UI

A new user interface has been deployed which increases available screen space and is more compatible with mobile devices.

(Posted 23/03/2019)  

Membership Manager

The Membership management module is now available.  Apply and track member subscriptions, record payments made, track payments outstanding, email statements to members, and manage membership fees a... (Posted 01/02/2019)  Read Full Article

Member Management

Coming soon to Golden Records Online - member management module. This levers your existing member records in Golden Records Online to add subscription and payment tracking. Create subscriptions for... (Posted 07/01/2019)  Read Full Article