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Latest Updates

New Achievements System

Awards on Golden Records Online have been renamed Achievements to more closely reflect tracking and rewarding progress.  This is accompanied by adding the popular 252 scheme which is editable to reflect that it is not implemented the same way by all clubs.

It is also now possible for clubs to set up their own badge schemes to set goals and reward achievements.

Tracking of badge and trophy holders is now supported, making it possible to see who has (or has not) been given a badge or trophy and for its return to be recorded.

(Posted 6/12/2024)  

Personal Bests

There is an update to display of personal best scores providing information on how the score ranks and improvement.

This has also been added to the clubs section and the API.

Thanks to Adam Hill of Gosport Bowmen for providing the background code.

(Posted 5/23/2024)  

Inventory Feature

A new feature has been added for clubs, the ability to maintain an inventory of club equipment along with date acquired, original and replacement cost, current condition and who it has been loaned to among other data.

The facility also includes being able to add a photograph of the item and a copy of any receipt.  This along with a description will assist clubs in reporting thefts to the police and pursuing an insurance claim.

(Posted 5/9/2024)