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Latest Updates

Subscription Price Increased

Subscription rates have increased from April 14 2024 to £27.50 for an annual club subscription, £49.50 for 2 years and £71.50 for 3 years. The personal subscription rate has increased to £11 per year.

The increase will apply from the next renewal, or in the case of trial subscriptions from the end of the trial.

The previous subscription price for Golden Records Online was set back in 2017.

Although this increase exceeds inflation it is the first increase in 7 years and to keep pace with inflation since 2017 a 25% increase would be needed.  Future increases will be annual.

(Posted 4/14/2024)  

Update to Golden Records

Golden Records online and desktop has been updated to add two user definable fields to Club Records and to enable in the UK the automatic mapping of age groups and rounds for club records to be disabled.  This will enable the built in mappings to be disabled if desired to treat new and old age groups as being different for club records purposes.

(Posted 4/8/2024)  


Golden Records Online has been given a makeover to modernise and improve usability.  The main change to the private pages is replacing the vertical menu with a horizontal menu to make best use of the screen width for large tables.  There is no significant change in content but the re-design lays the foundation for adding new features in the future.

(Posted 3/29/2024)